Buying Guide: Rotating/Turning Chair Beds for the Home

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A rotating/turning disability bed is a specialist medical bed for elderly and/or disabled patients that turns a mattress platform into a chair to help the user to stand. These beds are also known as turning adjustable beds, rotating chair beds, sit-to-stand beds, rotoflex beds, rota-pro beds and electric rotating beds. This guide will help you select and customise a bed to best suit the needs of your disability.

1. Consider your mobility/disability requirements

Firstly, and most importantly, you need to assess your disability and identify what you need the bed to do for you. How difficult is it to get out of your current bed? Are you able to get out of a seated position unassisted? Once standing, do you need a device to help you walk? Ideally, you need to write down all these needs so that when selecting a turning bed, you choose a design that best meets each need.

If you have a personal care, occupational therapist or district nurse, it may help for you to create this list with them.

2. Select a sit-to-stand bed design

Next, it’s time to assess the stand assist bed design options. You will want to select primarily based on function so that you have a bed with features that directly address your mobility needs. However, remember that you are buying the turning bed for use at home so you will want to keep an eye on the appearance of the bed. There are rotating beds that look like items of furniture and will blend well with existing interiors. The following design options are from Opera’s range of turning adjustable beds:

Allegro Rotating Chair Bed

Allegro Rotating Chair Bed

The Allegro Rotating Chair Bed is electrically height adjustable and has an adjustable mattress platform/base. It also has three rotating turntable options (see section 3 below).

The Allegro is raised by scissor-action with the lifting mechanism located under the bed. This enables more elegantly designed head and footboards and gives the bed more visual appeal making it better suited to design-conscious home environments. Finally, the Allegro is available with side rails on all turntable options.

Legato Front-Exit Bed

Legato Front-exit Bed

The Legato Front-exit Stand Assist Bed offers users a completely different way of exiting the bed. It is height adjustable and has a profiling mattress platform, but rather than a rotating to allow side exit, the Legato tilts forward and creates a chair position that enables users to exit out of the front of the bed.

Support handles assist users to exit the bed and adjusting the height when the bed is in the exit position stands you up automatically. The Legato can also be put into a Trendelenburg position (learn more) and the side rails can remain up at all times.

3. Choose a turntable function that will meet your needs

With rotating chair beds, there are three rotating function options you can specify that affect the way the turntable chair is operated. The three functions are as follows:

a. Semi-electric (Manual Turntable)

The Semi-electric option is where the bed height adjustment and profiling mattress platform is fully electric but the rotating turntable is manual. This means an assistant/carer is required to rotate the chair to enable the user to exit.

b. Electric (Electric Turntable)

The Electric function option is where all the actions on the bed are fully electric. The height adjustment, profiling mattress platform and rotating chair are all electrically operated through a wired handset.

c. Electric & Riser (Electric Turntable that Rises/Tilts)

The third and most advanced option is the Electric & Riser function. Like the Electric option, all actions are fully electric: height adjustment; profiling mattress platform; and rotating chair. However with this option, once the turntable is fully rotated the user can then tilt the chair forward (like a riser recliner chair) to help them stand.

4. Specify a mattress

The final option to consider when buying a rotating/turning disability bed for the home is a mattress. Mattresses for rotating chair beds have to extremely flexible and are usually constructed from impressionable foams that are hinged on the sections that bend. All mattresses for Opera Care’s rotating beds have looped straps on the underside to firmly secure them to the mattress platform. There are two options of mattress available:

a. Comfort Mattress

The Comfort Mattress is constructed from a single block of care-grade comfort foam. The mattress has a soft fabric cover and is designed to give users maximum comfort.

b. High Risk Pressure Care Mattress

The High Risk Pressure Care Mattress is designed for users who require pressure relief and is suitable for patients that are at high risk of developing pressure sores (learn more). The mattress is constructed from layered foams with a visco/memory foam topper and it has a multi-stretch, water-resistant, wipe-clean PU cover.

5. After-purchase considerations

There are some key after-purchase considerations that you must consider before investing in a rotating chair bed. These include:

Delivery & Installation

You will need to ensure that the supplier can deliver and install the bed in your area. Make sure you are confident that your supplier can adequately cover your area and have trained, professional engineers.

Opera offers UK-wide delivery and installation with distribution hubs in London, Glasgow, Manchester, Hull, Swindon and Dublin. A network of 40+ installation engineers mean we can install and service equipment quickly and efficiently.

Rotating Turning Bed Delivery
Bed Support and Maintenance


When spending £5,000+ on an item of care equipment, you want to be assured of excellent quality and guarantee/warranty coverage. Check with your supplier that you have at least a 3 year parts and labour warranty on the bed. Opera offers full 5 year warranties on all rotating chair and stand assist beds with extension options available.


Once you are confident with warranty terms, you next want to be confident that the supplier can actually support that warranty and respond to maintenance requests quickly. Opera has a UK-wide network of 40+ service engineers and can respond to break-down requests with on-site engineers within 1-2 days.

Battery Back-up

A final consideration is battery back-up. In the event of a power outage, the last thing you need is a non-functional bed that is stuck in an awkward position or leaves you unable to get out. Opera’s sit-to-stand beds all have a battery back-up that enable 7 operations of the bed in the event of a power outage.

6. Making the purchase

When you have made the decision to purchase and have selected and configured a product that matches your requirements, you should be fully confident in the product and supplier. Ensure the supplier offers a robust returns policy or trial period and advice form your occupational therapist or district nurse if you need further confirmation. All the best and we hope our guide proved useful. We’d be delighted to help you further and speak with you in person, please do call us or enquire using the form below.

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