3 care home magazines that really make the grade

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The majority of care providers publish a newsletter that highlights events and projects going on in their care homes for that week/month/quarter. They make great reading for residents, and visitors to the homes can browse the latest edition when they visit their loved ones.

There are, however, a number of care providers that publish an actual magazine, and let me tell you there are some very impressive publications out there. Not just news from across the provider's homes, but lifestyle articles, quizzes and word games, guest author pieces, local attraction guides and even recipes!

In this post, I take a look at three magazines by care providers that really make the grade...

1. The Wellburn Post: Wellburn Care Homes

The Wellburn Post is a truly stunning magazine that has been created and published by Wellburn Care Homes. As a care provider, Wellburn is recognised as one of the leading groups of nursing and residential care homes in Yorkshire and the North East of England.

The Wellburn Post is a quarterly publication that is a combination of a lifestyle magazine, local guide, care home newsreel and community voice. Each issue of the magazine is crammed with feature pieces, news and stories with contributions from residents, their families, local organisations and the community.  The magazine also contains a guide to local eateries, recipes from celebrity chefs, a gift store and quiz section all tied together through creative design and enticing photography. You really have to see for yourself...

Find out more and view recent editions of The Wellburn Post

2. Heart and Soul: Methodist Homes Association

The Heart and Soul magazine is also a quarterly publication, this time produced by the Methodist Homes Association (MHA). MHA is a UK-wide charity that provides care, accommodation and support for older people. Established for over 70 years, they are a significant care group in the sector and are one of the largest charities in the UK. MHA's primary mission is, 'to improve the quality of life for older people inspired by Christian concern'.

Heart and Soul is a comprehensive, news-filled magazine that really does do justice to the large charity care provider that is MHA. The magazine contains projects going on in the charity, news from the homes and worship resources.  It addresses care home residents, charity donors and the community as a whole.

View Issue 36 of MHA's Heart and Soul Magazine

3. Dawn: Runwood Homes Senior Living

Runwood Homes is one of the UK's largest care providers, caring for almost 4000 residents across England and Northern Ireland. They specialise in residential, nursing and dementia care for older people.

Runwood Homes produce a regular magazine called Dawn that is distributed across their homes and day centres. The title, Dawn, is accompanied by a touching strapline, 'A new day of Living, a new day of Caring', setting the tone for some rather touching contents. There are contributions from most of the homes in the Runwood group, showing pictures of happy residents, exciting home events and rather interesting looking day trips. There are also contributions from members of Runwood staff who offer advice and medical support for residents. Residents contribute too, sharing life stories and notable experiences. A puzzle section, poetry corner and recipes page finish the magazine off nicely, definitely worth a read...

See the most recent Dawn magazine from Runwood Homes

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