New online care home bed booking system is streamlining referrals

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An online care home bed booking system is transforming the bed booking process for care services, coordinators and users. The system is a software application called BedFinder and was developed to streamline care home bed booking in Hertfordshire. Care coordinators in the region all contributed to its development by OLM Systems.

The BedFinder system provides a simple online booking portal that saves users having to call numerous homes in their area. It gives key, up-to-date information such as vacancies available, care offered, contact details and CQC inspection reports as well as the ability to book online there and then.

How BedFinder works

The BedFinder software application allows users to securely access an online portal to see up-to-date information on care homes, vacancies and have the ability to easily book them. Care homes on the system are notified of new bookings and can prepare for the new resident. BedFinder saves administration time and simplifies the booking process for both the software user and the care home.

A ground-breaking new software application for locating and booking care home beds. It will Social Care and Health partners time and money
OLM Systems

BedFinder is also available with a front end for citizens. They can search for and book a care home bed and access all information about the service and read recent CQC inspection reports.

Partnership with Hertfordshire care services

Hertfordshire Care Provider Association, Hertfordshire County Council and Herts Care Partners approached OLM Systems looking for a digital solution to reduce the amount of administration time that was spent on care home bed booking each month.

OLM Systems worked with focus groups in the region involving all parties that would be impacted. This included care homes, hospital discharge teams, home/bed finders carers and the general public.

Consequently, the result is an online booking system for care homes that individual services can register themselves on to and be visible by social work teams, bed finders and service users.

The diagram below shows how the system works and demonstrates the integration between the region's services.

Care Home Finder

Organisations involved in the online booking system for care homes include:

  • OLM Systems
  • Hertfordshire Care Provider Association
  • Hertfordshire County Council
  • Herts Care Partners

Reducing hospital bed blocking

One of the biggest issues currently facing hospitals across the UK is bed-blocking. Bed-blocking often results from the difficulty of finding care for elderly patients when they leave hospital. Furthermore, the time-consuming nature of locating suitable beds commonly causes discharge delays.

BedFinder is helping to solve this challenge and the positive streamlining effect it is having on care home bed booking will reduce bed-blocking rates in time.

The online care home bed booking system is said to have cut care home bed booking times by up to 50%.
BBC News 

Video (4:22) - BedFinder is benefitting care providers and citizens

The online care home bed booking system is making a big difference for care providers, social coordinators, hospitals and service users in Hertfordshire. Discover how in this video created by OLM systems.

For more information on the BedFinder care home bed vacancy and booking software, visit the OLM Systems website.

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