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Varying care needs are increasing in new care home admissions

The ageing population in the UK is ever increasing and has been rising particularly sharply since 2010. The graph below shows that we have more people aged over 90 as a proportion of the total population than ever before. This population increase has led to a significant rise in demand for elderly care, and as you will know, is often cited as a key factor behind current pressures on the health and social care system.

UK residents aged 90 and over per 100,000 UK residents
UK residents aged 90 and over per 100,000 UK residents

However, with this increase in demand for care comes another consideration that is having a significant impact on UK care homes. New technology, medicines and improved quality of care in hospitals is ensuring people are living longer. We are also recognising more and more medical conditions and learning how it is best to care and nurse these conditions, both in hospitals and out in the social care system. As a result, the number of different care needs of patients being discharged from hospital is firmly on the rise, and it is often care homes who are expected to provide facilities that meet these care needs and ease the pressure on our hospitals.

The Opera® ProSafe adapts to a variety of care needs

Equipment in care homes that facilitate a wide range of care needs is one of the main considerations for a care home. When a new admission is received with complex care needs, it is important that the care home invests in suitable equipment to meet those needs as it has a huge impact on both carers and residents.

However, investing in new equipment to satisfy every care need is expensive and can sometimes be unrealistic for a care home. As a manufacturer of profiling beds and as a result of working with carers and care operators, Opera has developed the Opera® ProSafe, a profiling bed that adapts to a variety of care needs without the need for new or additional equipment. This is illustrated in a number of key features:

All-in-one height range

The Opera® ProSafe has an extensive height range which allows the bed to be lowered to just 18cm from the floor and raised to a full nursing height of 70cm. This removes the need for separate low and standard height beds.

10" mattress depth capacity

The Opera® ProSafe is able to accommodate 10" air-flow mattresses without the need for extra-high extension side rails. This means the bed can take users with advanced pressure relief needs and still remain fully compliant with bed rail regulations.

Flexibility with side rails

The side rails on the Opera® ProSafe can be locked down out of the way or removed completely where they present a risk. This ensures the bed is suitable for both users who need side rails and those where side rails are not suitable.

Elegant design

Despite offering advanced nursing functionality, the Opera® ProSafe is pleasing to look at with solid-wood curved head and foot boards and elegant stainless steel bars. The bed is also available in any wood colour and provides a perfect fit for luxury care providers. This enables the more boutique, high-class care homes to accommodate residents with complex care needs.

Visit the Opera® ProSafe page on our website

Video (3:18): The Opera® ProSafe All-in-One Profiling Bed

We've created a video overview of the Opera® ProSafe which visually explains the key features and benefits of this convention-breaking bed. View it here:

Contact us to discover more about the Opera® ProSafe All-in-one profiling bed.

The Opera® ProSafe All-in-one profiling bed has now been superseded by the Opera Signature Bed Range.

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