Watch: The Opera® ProSafe Profiling Bed features in 60 Minute Makeover!

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Earlier this year, the Opera® ProSafe Profiling Bed was at the centre of a recent episode of 60 Minute Makeover. ITV has just released footage for us to show you, and the transformation is impressive!

Episode 17: 'One of the toughest challenges yet'

The popular series went to Shropshire to set to on the living room of Claire Brown where they were tasked to rethink the entire living space to add style and comfort whilst accomodating Claire's medical needs. Described as 'one of their toughest challenges yet', Peter Andre and the makeover team were joined by well-known interior designer Linda Barker.

Linda oversaw the design and furnishings of the makeover, going for a classy tone with dark colours and striking patterns, whilst Peter ensured the adaptation project went to plan in tight space and with little time!

'A hospital bed that has to be stylish'

Alpine HC were called upon to provide the team with a home care bed that was fully profiling and height adjustable to assist Claire and help her to live comfortably in the day. As expected with a makeover show, the bed had to be stylish, which drew the team to Alpine HC and our Opera® ProSafe Profiling Bed.

The bed! This looks amazing...all singing and dancing.
Linda Barker - Interior Designer

We donated the bed, which was specified in a dark walnut wood colour, complete with side rails and with the Opera® Serene Pressure Care Mattress. The bed had to be delivered and installed in record time and ended up being assembled outside and then taken inside when Linda was ready for it. All in a days work!

VIDEO (1:59): 60 Minute Makeover featuring the Opera® ProSafe

The Opera® ProSafe All-in-One Bed

The Opera® ProSafe is best known for its all-in-one height range. It can be lowered close to the floor to ease access and reduce fall injury, and can also be raised right up to a full nursing height (your waist level) for care on the bed. All this is elegantly concealed in what looks like a stylish piece of furniture.

In Claire's case, the ProSafe allows her to sit up in bed in the day, raise her legs and adjust the height of the bed to help her get in and out.

The Opera® ProSafe has now been discontinued, click here to see the latest range of Opera Profiling Care Beds.

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