The results of our faded sling label survey

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Over the last two months, we've been busy calling hundreds of care homes, speaking with care managers, clinicians, nurses and occupational therapists. We asked them one very simple question:

"Do you ever throw away patient handling slings because the specification label has faded?"

The response was practically unanimous. Almost everyone we spoke to was familiar with sling labels washing out and knew that a sling with a faded specification label would fail it's LOLER test and have to be thrown away.

Perhaps more astonishingly though, was the huge amount of people who were still throwing away slings because of this problem. A massive 69% of all the professionals we surveyed said they were still throwing away slings because of faded specification labels.

As the manufacturer of the Opera® a range of patient handling slings, we have developed an anti-fade embroidered specification label for all Opera® slings. This meant that we were able to provide every care home we contacted with a solution that would ensure they would never have to throw out a sling because of a faded specification label again.

Read more about the 'Opera® Solution'  and view the Opera® range of slings.

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