'Dementia doesn't care': Alzheimer's Society's latest TV ad

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'It's time to forget. To forget about your age, forget about your race, your social standing, your ideological view. Forget about your allegiances, your tastes, your identity. Or whether you voted in or out'

'Forget about everything that keeps us apart.'

'Because dementia doesn’t care.'

These are the words voiced by award-winning actor Bill Nighy in a TV advert recently released by Alzheimer's Society. The advert is a part of the charity's 'Unite against dementia' campaign and has a clear and impacting message; put your differences aside and join in the fight against dementia.

In support of the Alzheimer's Society, ITV and Channel 4 put their rivalries aside and both premiered the advert making it the first time the two organisations have worked together on an advertising premiere for a charity. Several celebrities and famous public figures have joined the campaign as the condition affects more and more lives as each day passes. Watch the advert:

These facts about dementia that may surprise you:

  • Someone develops dementia every three minutes
  • 44 per cent of people fear dementia more than any other health condition
  • Dementia affects all ages, young and old

Unite in the fight and support the Alzheimer's Society's campaign by becoming a Dementia Friend, campaigning or donating to fund research for a cure. Also, let me know what you think of the TV ad in the comments section below.

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