Going home for short-term care? Consider Opera's bed hire rental service...

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Demand for short-term care in the home is at a peak this time of year, with those in care being discharged from hospitals and care homes to be with their loved ones for the festive period. However, there is a constant need throughout the year and short-term care at home is on the rise.

Making the home suitable for care comes with plenty of considerations, not least the need for assistive equipment. Lower cost items such as wheelchairs and living aids are readily available from your local mobility shop, and charities often hire these items for a small weekly fee. However, larger capital equipment such as hospital beds and air mattresses are expensive to buy outright and are inconvenient to move on after the period of care at home ends.

Profiling bed hire rental

Profiling bed hire rental is a service that enables persons to use a hospital bed over a short period of time by paying a weekly fee to the hire company. The bed is delivered and installed in the user's preferred location, they use it for as little or as long as they need and pay per week. When the bed is no longer required, the hire company de-installs and collects the bed and the hire period is ended.

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When is hire rental used?

The hire of hospital beds is used in a number circumstances where only short-term care is needed. Uses include...

Short-term illness

When a person has a short-term illness that reduces their mobility (e.g. older person with pneumonia or broken limb), they may require assistive equipment for a short time to help them with their daily living.

Temporary accommodation

When a disabled or elderly person is in temporary accommodation (e.g. relatives/friends house), it may be easier to hire equipment rather than moving existing equipment from their home.

Interim solution whilst waiting for an authority funded bed

Hospital beds provided by the council, social services or the NHS often have a long lead time on them. If a profiling bed is needed in the interim period between the patient coming home and the bed arriving, hire provides an excellent solution.


For patients who want to go on holiday, a big concern can be the lack of supportive equipment. Opera engineers often install into static caravans and holiday homes to provide a bed over the patient's holiday period.

Hotel stays

Hotels often hire care beds for elderly and disabled guests. A hotel will often hire directly from Opera and add the total hire charge to the guest's bill.

The key benefits of hire with Opera

Opera's profiling bed hire rental service offers a number of additional benefits for users:

  • UK-wide installation and collection is included in bed hire packages
  • Air flow pressure mattresses are also available for hire
  • The profiling bed and/or mattress becomes yours after 10 weeks of continuous hire
  • A network of 40+ engineers ensures rapid install and collection

What is included in a hire rental package?

When you sign up to a hire rental package with Opera, the following components are included:

  1. Rolling weekly hire: A minimum 4 week hire period with the ability to extend it as much or as little as possible depending on the need at the end of each week.
  2. Option to purchase or hire a mattress: Air mattresses are available for hire alongside profiling beds. Foam pressure relief mattresses are not available for rental for infection control reasons but are available for purchase from £179.

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